Just as when a car is experiencing frequent breakdown, it should be replaced. So also when your roof is frayed or stained, it should be replaced. We replace our clothes when they are frayed, stained or old and sometimes, when we look at that mobile we love so much, we know it’s time to get it replaced.

Exactly the same with roof replacements.  Although, if a roof isn’t crushed by a tree or on fire or collapses, we cannot really tell when we need a new one. Changing some roof shingles will only solve the problem for so long. So below are symptoms that show you need to replace your roof.

  1. It’s old: A roof normally comes with a 20 year warranty. So if the 20 decades are about to be over, you should start thinking of how to replace it.
  2. It looks bad from afar: The outward appearance of the roof to your house must look appealing from the curb itself. If it isn’t, that’s a symptom. Worn out areas around the vents and chimneys, a large part of it looks unrepaired and streaks are spread widely, it looks bad from afar.
  3. Bad looking shingles: You need to examine your roof shingles closely. If they are wet, bent, stained, broken, curled and darker than normal or even missing completely, then you should consider replacement immediately.
  4. Littered granules all over the place: When shingles begin to wear out, they tend to break off into smaller pieces which appear like a coarse, dark sand. So as soon as granules are sighted around the yard or in gutters, they are definitely from the roof.
  5. Staining or peeling paint: Worn out exterior paint around the roofline are usually caused from leaky roofs. It can also stain the walls of your homes by seeping inside.
  6. Bad looking deck: The systems that support the roof and its shingles up are usually the roofing decks. If the beams show damage or sagging signs, then both the roof deck and its shingles should be replaced
  7. Leaking deck into your attic: When snow melts or rain falls, the deck is meant to leak into your attic. It might be time to replace your roof if you start seeing light through it.
  8. Rising energy bills: A good roof acts as an insulator thereby preventing heat from entering the house, so if it is bad, there will be an obvious difference in utility bills, thereby causing the air conditioner and heater to function more efficiently.

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